Kevin Joseph Leach

Rice 434, cubicle 5 —

School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia


I am a research scientist in the Robust Low Power VLSI group at the University of Virginia. Previously, I received my PhD in Computer Engineering at the University of Virginia under the guidance of Wes Weimer. My work is in systems security, specifically the debugging transparency problem, though I occasionally work on program analysis, medical informatics, and big data applications.

Previously, I received my MS in Computer Science at George Mason University in 2013. My advisor was Angelos Stavrou. I received my BS with Distinction in Computer Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Virginia in 2011.

Milestones at a Glance

  • December 2016 — I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation.
  • April 2016 — I received the Louis T. Rader Graduate Research Award.
  • May 2015 — I successfully defended my dissertation proposal.
  • August 2014 — I successfully passed my Qualifying Exam.
  • January 2014 — I received an $81k grant from MIT Lincoln Laboaratory to support my PhD research.
  • May 2013 — I received my MS in Computer Science from George Mason University